Hello from Quidd.

Trading cards. Streetwear. Sneakers. We all collect. It’s part of being human.


The concept for Quidd was borne out of a fascination with why we do this and a conviction that, like media before it, collecting is best experienced digitally.


That’s why we built Quidd, the world’s largest social marketplace for digital goods.


The Quidd team is an eclectic group of engineers, data scientists, product builders, business people, and creatives who share a passion for bringing the things we love from the physical world online. In fact online is the new IRL.


We are humble. We come from diverse backgrounds. We are curious, focusing on continuous learning and personal growth. We take risks for what we believe. And we work hard.


We are more than just an app. We are helping accelerate a fundamental shift online for billions of people. As we like to say, this is real people falling in love with real stuff…it just happens to be digital.


Co-Founder, CEO



Lead 3D Designer

Level 9, 3D Wizard. Patiently growing the rest of his β€œwizard beard.”


Lead Operations Manager

Lawyer by trade, collector by choice. Find me! Let’s chat, trade, and collect together!



Game designer. Casual artist. Traps and trickery game master.



Wannabe mall goth, potential emissary to the extraterrestrial visitors from Nebulous 7, and still awaiting his opportunity to strap on a rocket pack to fight evil. And a Designer…


Lead 2D Designer

Creative pundit. Making Quidd pretty since 2016.



Fearless producer; ruthlessly charming.


QA Analyst

I’m a QA Analyst here at Quidd. A husband and father of 3. I’m into lifting anything heavy and building more muscle!


iOS Developer

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.


Server Developer

Server developer who likes big books, good food, and cats. (=^.^=)~


Development & QA Manager

A comic collecting, cartoon watching father of 4 who in his spare time works on agile/scrum practices.


Director of Server

The third Billy Goat Gruff. Quidd server guy. The app is just a façade.


Lead Android Developer

Quidd Android – Now with over zero features that Quidd iOS doesn’t have!