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Quidd is the leading platform for buying, trading, and using premium, rare digital goods.

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Available for free on iOS and Android devices, Quidd enables fans to buy, own and use digital stuff, like stickers, GIFs, cards and toys, to express their fandoms for their favorite names such as Marvel, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and more! You can now earn affiliate commission on new qualified users to the Quidd App! To sign up please click Join NowΒ or email


What is the Quidd Affiliate Program?

It is a great opportunity to earn extra money while promoting a fun way to collect and share rare digital goods with your friends. The Quidd affiliate program is based on quality users you bring in via your efforts. We will provide you with a measurement link for you to share with potential Quidd users. Once the user completes the event on your model via mobile or online we will track and attribute that user to your efforts. At a certain agreed upon or stated threshold of new successful user sign ups we will pay you accordingly.

How much can I get paid?

There is no limit! This will ultimately be dependent on an agreed upon rate with Quidd directly, or based on the offer rate present in your affiliate platform for that event and model.

What payout models do you offer?

We offer CPA based models off of registration, in- app coin usage, and in-app purchases of coin bundles. Each model has its own accelerator to increase potential earnings once a threshold is met.

Can I switch models?

Yes. This can be done via our affiliate management system or by Quidd directly (requires new measurement link).

How am I paid?

You can opt in for threshold payments (once the minimum goal is met) or monthly payments if your commission balance exceeds a certain amount. Payments will be made via ACH or via your affiliate platform.

Where can I view my conversions and earnings?

We will provide you with direct agreed-upon dashboard access, or via your affiliate platform.

How do I create Quidd Affiliate links?

These will be distributed by Quidd directly or available via our affiliate tracking platform (TBD)

What assets will Quidd be providing for promotion?

You can add our logos, banners, or text links to your site or blog. These will be available via your affiliate platform or from Quidd directly.

Am I eligible to become a Quidd Affiliate?

Anyone can join the Quidd Affiliate Team as long as you are 18+, a US citizen, and pre-approved by Quidd directly or via our affiliate platform.

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