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  • Top 5 Quidd Stickers, Cards and Figures found IRL on Halloween

    Halloween gives us a chance to dress up as our favorite characters – many also found as stickers, cards, and figures on Quidd! We couldn’t help but think we were seeing these Quidd items come to life this Halloween. Here are our top five Halloween costumes that made us feel like our Quidd collections were […]

  • Quidd’s Spookiest Scary Stories

    We love scary stories here at Quidd! We thought we’d ask the community to share their most frightening tales, and they did not disappoint! The rules were simple; these scary stories should be original and could be as short as one sentence. First and foremost, these submissions had to send shivers down our spines. Here […]

  • Marvel Legacy Value Stamps: Clip ’em and Collect ’em on Quidd

    Marvel and Quidd are joining forces to bring you a brand new digital exclusive set of major Marvel characters: The Marvel Legacy Value Stamps! This nostalgic promotion is inspired by the classic Marvel stamps your local comic book store used to give out back in the day!

  • Marvel Universe Expands with Collectible Cards and Stickers

    Marvel collectors unite! Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and more are now available as limited-edition digital stickers, GIFs and cards on Quidd!! Collect All Your Favorite Characters Now!

  • X-Files News: What’s Available ONLY the 13th of Every Month?

    Quidd’s next spotlight set is “Home” from our X-Files channel, only available on the 13th of every month! Quidd-Meghan and Quidd-Vic bring Quidd’s X-Files channel to life. We grabbed both of them to give us the low-down on how they’re digging deep and dropping crazy inventive sets, week after week.