Marvel Legacy Value Stamps: Clip ’em and Collect ’em on Quidd

Marvel and Quidd are joining forces to bring you a brand new digital exclusive set of major Marvel characters: The Marvel Legacy Value Stamps! This nostalgic promotion is inspired by the classic Marvel stamps your local comic book store used to give out back in the day!

Comic book collectors get ready to geek out over this set! This promotion is inspired by the 1970’s program where different stamps could be clipped from the letters page of Marvel books!

How to Collect Marvel Legacy Value Stamps on Quidd

Ready to clip ’em and collect ’em? These Marvel Legacy Value Stamps can be accessed by acquiring specific physical Marvel Legacy comic books. Head down to your local comic book shop, and grab the right comic. Look inside and you’ll be able to access to a special promo code. This code will unlock your stamp on Quidd.

First, to find out which comics unlock your exclusive stamps on Quidd, go to the Marvel Legacy Value Stamps’ Shop and tap on a stamp. The stamp’s description (under the stamps’ title) will tell you exactly which issue will have a code unlocking that stamp! Example below…

Marvel Legacy Value Stamps

Next, pick up this Marvel Legacy physical comic book. Find a promo code in the back of your book. Enter the promo code and your Quidd username here.

Once you enter your code, head on back to Quidd. Open up the Marvel Legacy Value Stamps’ Shop, and you’ll see a new pouch available. This pouch will appear on your Explore page as well! Open up your pack, and the stamp is yours.

Marvel Value Stamp Set

Starting October 4, 2017, grab your Marvel Legacy comics at your local comic book store and unlock these stamps on Quidd!

No access to comic books? Don’t worry! Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and more are available as limited-edition digital stickers, GIFs and cards on Quidd, with no purchase necessary.