Marvel Universe Expands with Collectible Cards and Stickers

Marvel collectors unite! Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and more are now available as limited-edition digital stickers, GIFs and cards on Quidd!! Collect All Your Favorite Characters Now!

That’s right! Captain America, Iron-Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and more legends are now on Quidd! We’re thrilled to announce the best of this super hero universe is now available to Quidd’s growing community of super fans and collectors. In the coming months nearly 100 different Marvel characters will be turned into limited edition digital items and made available to own on Quidd. Marvel fans can now collect, trade, and express themselves by dragging and dropping items from their collection into their iMessage chats.

Marvel Kapow Stickers on Quidd
Kapow! Stickers Available Now On Quidd

“We’re incredibly excited to finally announce this news, bringing the Marvel Universe to the Quidd community has been one of our goals since the very beginning,” said Michael Bramlage, Co-Founder and CEO of Quidd. “Our user base is growing fast and becoming more diverse every day, but the one thing the entire Quidd community has in common is a love of all things Marvel.”

Captain marvel collectible card
Captain Marvel // White Base Set on Quidd

Since the origin of Quidd, the team has had their eye on the Marvel Universe. With so many fantastic characters and epic moments in these characters’ journeys, Quidd’s producers and designers have lots of fodder for the best sticker, card and figure sets for comic book and super hero fans!

Limited First Edition Marvel Collector's Set on Quidd
Limited First Edition Collector’s Set on Quidd

“We can’t wait to see our fans obsess over these iMessage stickers, GIFs and trading cards on Quidd. This is really unlike anything our fans have ever seen,” said Julie Gerola, VP/GM Marketing & Digital Operations at Marvel. “By allowing fans to trade with each other and obsess over the characters they love, Quidd brings our stories to life in an entirely new way.”

The new collection is available, and mutating quickly, on Quidd!