Quidd’s Spookiest Scary Stories

We love scary stories here at Quidd! We thought we’d ask the community to share their most frightening tales, and they did not disappoint! The rules were simple; these scary stories should be original and could be as short as one sentence. First and foremost, these submissions had to send shivers down our spines. Here are our top three submitted scary stories! We dare you to turn the lights out and read them by the glow of your monitor.

Scary Story #1: Guest Room Window by spectralArtist

An eerie silence fills the heavy night air as you stumble tiredly your grandparents guest bed. As you begin to doze off you notice something in the corner of your eye. There on the wall hangs a painting of a ghostly figure, whose pale skin frames its beady eyes and shark-like teeth. The stuff of nightmares, you think as you drift off into slumber. The next morning you wake up to birds singing and sunlight on your face. You look over to the creepy portrait to get one last look, only to find a window where you thought the painting was.

Some Quidd Showcases were even more frightening than these scary stories!


Scary Story #2: Premier by SarahFBK

Felicity lived with her mother in a high-roofed little wooden house. She was a bright girl with a gleaming smile, and her very best friend was an older girl named Ellen.

One day, Felicity’s mother noticed that she had an odd stain on the back of her neck – a dark reddish smear, which Felicity said didn’t hurt. They scrubbed at the stain in the kitchen, but it was no good; the stain hardly flecked.

“Strange,” Felicity’s Mother said. She was a gentle, plush woman who rarely got worried. “Well, it should heal soon, my dear.”

The next morning, Ellen came to play with Felicity, and she forgot all about the stain in her joy.

This continued for several weeks. Felicity was started to wake up with a stiff neck that took hours of activity with Ellen (who had been visiting less lately) to go away. Then she noticed that her elbows had taken on the same dark tinge. When the stain touched her wrists Felicity’s mother became concerned. “I’ve never seen this before. Have you tried asking Ellen’s mother?”

Ellen came over with vinegar and sponges, and they were able to get some of the mysterious affliction away, but it soon came back, and Ellen didn’t seem to remember to bring her supplies over again.

The stain had crept to her lower body. Felicity could hardly bend her knees. Ellen, while perturbed, barely acknowledged Felicity’s growing fear. She would play around the house with Felicity, filling her with happiness, but when she left, Felicity would sit in silent grief.

The day came when Felicity was too stiff to get out of bed. Her mother fussed and cried over her, but the stain now seemed permanent.

“Please, make Ellen come over,” Felicity sobbed. “She can help me. I just want to see her again.”

At last, Ellen returned. She stayed with Felicity all day, and it felt like, at Ellen’s touch, her skin would soften, her ugly red stain would crumble away.

But night fell and Ellen stood to leave. “Please, Ellen, don’t go!” Felicity wailed. “I’ll never make it through the night on my own!”

But Ellen had outgrown her timeworn friend, and she never looked back.

When Felicity woke up the next morning, her frail metal body had been completely rusted over. And then Felicity and her mother were toys, and their simple house a doll’s house once again.


Scary Story #3: Tapping by Fatalsirenz

It rained again today. It rains every day here. Some people say it’s been raining since the beginning of time… But that’s not possible? Is it? It matters not I guess…

We aren’t allowed to leave, no one from memory has ever left. Of course there’s the rumors that people did. But that’s all they are, rumors.

Though sometimes at night I see them. They skirt around in the dark. The way their skin gleans against the occasional moonlit night. I can’t help but envy them. They’re free out there…


Mother passed away today. They won’t tell me what happened or why. Only that her service is in a few days…


Her service was quiet… Lonely. Like everyone else who dies they kept her pod sealed. I wish I could have seen her face and given her one last hug…


I don’t think I slept much that night.


The tapping began not too long ago. At first it just mixed in with the sound of the rain drops against my window. It steadily grew louder. I had been reading when I went to the window.


In the darkness I saw nothing. I shrugged it off as my imagination and went back to my book. The tapping started yet again, and again. I got up to look outside, only to find nothing again.


I ignored the tapping for the rest of the night, but I swear, I heard mothers voice from the other side of the window…


I’ve stopped counting the days since the tapping started. I hear it everywhere now… In the common room, in my bed at night, during work hours. I beg others to listen for it. But they laugh and say it’s merely the way the rain is hitting the windows.


The guardsmen have been on edge lately… They say people have started disappearing during particularly heavy rain storms… Some even claim they see creatures accompanying the deserters… Yet no one can describe them, save for slick, shiny skin.


There’s a few of us left now… I’ve stopped counting the days. Only the back up lights remain on, due to the engineers all vanishing… I swear I see them skirting in the darkness in here. Or standing under the glow of the red emergency lights.


They keep calling for me… I’m so terribly lonely.., Maybe they’ll bring me back to the family? I should be going now.


Did you make it through these short scary stories? We hope so! Thanks to all the community members’ creative submissions!