Quidd’s Rick and Morty Funko Pop! Sweepstakes

In celebration of what is sure to be the darkest year of Rick and Morty’s adventures, we’re giving away a limited edition physical 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Tinkles and Ghost in a Jar Funko Pop!. Decipher a top secret code and you could win the stuff!

It looks like you’ve stumbled upon Step 1 in our Season 3 Rick and Morty Sweepstakes! Should you choose to complete all 4 steps, and decipher our top secret 4 character code word, you could win these adorable alien parasites.

To prepare, we suggest you make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and carefully read the Quidd newsletter (make sure emails from Harper aren’t sitting in your spam folder) for your next 3 emoji-clues and further instructions! Starting today, with this article right here, we’ll release a clue in the form of an emoji. Keep your eyes peeled for clues!

Did you spot it? It’s right there. Above this sentence. Your first clue, as an emoji. Save it!

A little blue birdy told us tomorrow’s clue may be found in the atmosphere, where birds fly, and trolls thrive. So keep those eyes to the sky for tomorrow’s clue.

Again, keep track of each clue over the next 4 days because they’re going to add up to a secret code word. You’ll receive instructions for how to submit your code Thursday, don’t submit before you receive your detailed instructions!

Official Guidelines
(1) Only people in USA eligible; (2) only users 18 years of age (or above the age of majority within their jurisdiction in the US) are eligible; (3) A winner will be selected via in-app or Twitter where all entries must contain @Quidd and the hashtag #Quidd; (4) Winner will be announced on Twitter on August 4, 2017; (5) Winners are responsible for taxes on the prize; (6) Sweepstake entries accepted on August 3, 2017 at 5pm EST to August 4, 2017 1pm EST; and (7) There is one prize available, and the odds of winning determined by the number of entries.