Rick and Morty Fans Build Their Own Bazaar-Universe on Quidd

Rick and Morty fans are bidding more than $4500 on a bottle of Szechuan sauce. Neighborhood bars are serving Fleeb Juice cocktails at epic Rick and Morty themed parties. Adult Swim’s animated sci-fi series has created a fandom like no other the network has seen. These fans have spilled out into the app-mosphere, finding a welcoming home on Quidd, a place where fans can obsess, connect, and collect digital Rick and Morty stickers, trading cards, and 3-D figures.

Rick and Morty trading cards

Celebratory set completion tweet by @FLYGUY


When Season 2 came to an end, fans had over a year to wait for Season 3 and they found themselves with nowhere to release their manic devoutness for the show and it’s alternate universes. Super-fans started obsessing over memes, games, fan art, and merch during the grueling wait for Season 3. Quidd also saw a big bump in activity, with nearly a million fans collecting, trading, and chatting in the Rick and Morty channel. Quidd producers could not release digital stickers (which fans can use off the app in text messages), trading cards, and 3-D Funko Pop! figures quickly enough for this cult following.

Collectors are racing to hoard new sets and are on the hunt for the most valuable items to add to their collection. For those new to digital collecting, value is attached to the number on the card, sticker, or figure you ‘pull’ and a lower number is the more rare, and therefore the more valuable.


Rick and Morty art card on Quidd

Quidd User holds on to 169 of a single card, Rick and Morty Worms, from The GalleryCollection


Collecting digital items provides a unique way to connect with like-minded fans and show your appreciation for the shows and characters you love. Investing time and sometimes money (Quidd does grant all users a bounty of coins multiple times a day) on an epic digital collection may sound silly to those new to the concept. However, Quidd takes silly seriously, and so do Rick and Morty fans. A fan’s #1 Water-T sticker is all theirs – no one else can own that prized sticker.


Quidd Rick and Morty items are showing up on Ebay


How obsessed are these fans? In just six months, Rick and Morty fans have traded tens of millions of Rick and Morty items on Quidd. Thats a lot of swapping of characters, animated gifs, snapshots of scenes from the show, and digital figures. Some trade to complete a set, others hoard a specific numbered item or character. You can also trade your Star Trek, Bob’s Burgers and Breaking Bad items for Rick and Morty items – a cool Quidd feature is the ability to trade between channels.

Meghan, a Quidd producer and a big Rick and Morty fan, has fun organizing set releases and quizzing this collecting community on their knowledge of the show’s off-the-wall characters. She’s even come up with games with digital awards for the winners, to engage and reward Quidd’s passionate Rick and Morty community.

Rick and Morty on Quidd

Appley Award winners rejoice


“Quidd fans love being recognized for their collections and acquiring items that, because of their nature as a one-time award, are inherently special and limited. The Appley Awards were a fun way to reference the show and reward thousands of Quidd collectors at once,” Meghan explains.


Rick and Morty on Quidd

Rick and Morty fans share their bounty in the Quidd App


Close to 15k Rick and Morty fans grabbed Appley Awards. Meghan shares how the awards worked: “Collect a set within a certain timeframe, and this digital award will automagically show up in your collection, to the envy of those not paying attention, or collecting fast enough. Jerry receives an Appley Award in ‘M. Night Shaym-Aliens!,’ seemed like the perfect in-world item for that purpose.”

Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick Sticker from Quidd’s I Turned Myself Into A Gif Set


As Adult Swim releases new Season 3 episodes, Quidd has seen activity in the Rick and Morty channel increase. Fans discuss their favorite moments, while the Quidd team listens in for clues on new items they should release. Animated gifs of the best Season 3 moments so far have already shown up in new sticker sets, ready to add to collections.


Rick and Morty on Quidd

Meme Courtesy of Master of Science


Yes, my ‘glip glops’, the Rick and Morty digital economy is strong. As long as there are Rick and Morty fans to profess their love for the show’s profoundly silly adventures, they’ll find a community to obsess, trade, and collect with on Quidd.