Top 5 Quidd Stickers, Cards and Figures found IRL on Halloween

Halloween gives us a chance to dress up as our favorite characters – many also found as stickers, cards, and figures on Quidd! We couldn’t help but think we were seeing these Quidd items come to life this Halloween. Here are our top five Halloween costumes that made us feel like our Quidd collections were coming to life!

Tina Sandwitch from Bob's Burgers

[L] SurlyAmy on Twitter looking a lot like… [R] Tina Sandwhich Strut Sticker on Quidd


Marvel Zombies Ironman

[L] Zombie Ironman by Michael Tremblay vs. [R] Marvel Zombies: Pecking Order Card on Quidd


Queen's Justice It Was Me Sticker

[L] Quidd-Narl with a spot on [R] Queen’s Justice: It Was Me Sticker costume


Earl of Lemongrab Halloween Costume

[R] Rebecca Connolly’s daughter as Earl of Lemongrab. [R] Earl of Lemongrab Sticker on Quidd



Dog Snowball Costume

[L] Gerald Evan’s Snuffles (!!!) vs [R] Snuffles 3-D POP! from the Rick and Morty Channel on Quidd


Did you dress up as character found on Quidd? Tweet at us and let us know! We want to see, and maybe we’ll add our favorite here.