Valiant Celebrates Anniversary with Animated Trading Cards

Last August, the first Valiant Entertainment trading card set in 20 years went live on Quidd. Since this launch, Valiant fans have collected and traded from over 60 card and stickers sets. These sets feature the best artwork from this massive superhero universe. Cards and stickers include characters and moments from X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Shadowman. Each set features some of this independent publisher’s most distinguished talent alongside biographies and power rankings of the most loved heroes and dreaded villains.

Valiant Nikki's Perch on Quidd
One Year Anniversary Card #4 Nikki’s Perch

About the One Year Valiant Anniversary Set

Quidd’s newest set celebrates the best digital trading cards released in the last twelve months. This anniversary set comes with one exciting twist: a limited number of collectible cards have a new feature — these cards will be animated!

Valiant Comics on Quidd

A Vibrant Community of Collectors

“We’re delighted to have launched the Valiant channel on Quidd,” said Valiant COO & CFO Gavin Cuneo. “They’ve built the most interactive experience for collecting and trading digital stickers and cards on the market. We have some of the greatest fans in the world and we’re excited to have them immerse themselves in Quidd’s vibrant community of collectors.”

Valiant The Magpie
One Year Anniversary Card #3 The Magpie

Join Us for Another Year of Collecting

Ready to be the first to collect even more limited edition chase sets spotlighting some of these most wanted heroes and events on Quidd? Download the Quidd app, available on iOS or Android, and add Valiant to your favorite channel!