X-Files News: What’s Available ONLY the 13th of Every Month?

Quidd’s next spotlight set is “Home” from our X-Files channel, only available on the 13th of every month! Quidd-Meghan and Quidd-Vic bring Quidd’s X-Files channel to life. We grabbed both of them to give us the low-down on how they’re digging deep and dropping crazy inventive sets, week after week.

x-files home

New World of X-Files Storytelling

Meghan reveals, “It’s funny. I never in a million years thought I’d end up working for a digital trading card app. I’m a writer by nature and a storyteller at heart. Nothing feels as good to me as the satisfaction of putting words on paper and suddenly creating a whole world. Being a Producer at Quidd has opened up a whole new world of storytelling for me.

Creating content for The X-Files channel has allowed me to use my words and ideas in a way I never would have thought possible. Giving fans an experience that drops them into the world of the show they love is one of the things that makes Quidd unique.”

x-files home scramble

Quidd-Vic is our in-house X-Files super fan. You can spot his X-Files tee-shirts on the regular and his ability to mold characters from clay in order to recreate scenes blows our minds.

Gross-Out Factor

Quidd-Vic divulges, “‘Home’ is known as one of the creepiest and unsettling episodes of the series. My goal was to design something that reflected the atmosphere of the episode while also capturing the gross-out factor. I looked at the art of 90’s horror comics and album covers for inspiration. Their use of layering different textures and grungy photo real elements were hugely inspiring when I designed this set!”

mulder and scully xfiles

Meghan, a wizard at sculpting addictive worlds on Quidd, let out that there were very special considerations involved with creating this set.

“The ‘Home’ Episode of The X-Files is one of the most popular and notorious episodes ever aired. It was the first episode to receive a TV-MA Rating and is still considered one of the scariest X-Files episodes of all time. Because of the nature of the subject matter (incest, murder, baby killing), I felt challenged to create a card set that artistically presented the horrors of ‘Home’ and yet wasn’t gory, or gratuitous. Screenshot selection is always important, but in this case, I felt as though I had a particular responsibility to both the episode and Quidd fans to choose wisely. It’s easy to choose blood and gore for shock value, but if you want to create a set that tells a story in 12 cards, it’s important to dig a little deeper and really curate your shots.”

Who’s Got Favorites?

Vic shared that of the 12 cards, “I think The Horrifying Discovery is my favorite card of the set. For me, it really captures what makes this episode so creepy. As someone who has been a long time X-Files fan, working on this property is a dream come true. Since my earliest memories of hearing the theme song and running out of the room, the X-Files have long propagated a love of sci-fi and the paranormal in my brain. The X-Files has such a massive repository of stories that it’s easy to delve into different styles and themes.”