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  • Quidd strives to be the next evolution of the emoji revolution.

    This NYC Startup Just Raised $6.75M To Let You Collect, Message and Trade These – AlleyWatch

  • Digital collectibles have a wider reach than the physical alternative.

    Quidd picks up $6.75M seed round to make digital collectibles ‘a thing’ – Jordan Cook

  • It’s beyond safe to say that digital collecting is A Thing.

    “With this move, it’s beyond safe to say that digital collecting is A Thing. Old school collectors may scoff at the idea of buying and unboxing things that aren’t “real,” but that’s not an issue for a growing number of people.” – Nick Mangione @

  • You don’t even have to go outside. Take that, Pokemon Go!

    “Remember stickers and trading cards? They’re back! In app form.” – Joe Matar @

  • The curious habit of collecting digital trading cards continues to grow.

    “Now available on both iOS and Android, Quidd will kick this new partnership off with Rick and Morty cards and stickers.” – Luke Brown @ Comics Alliance

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